Friday, January 23, 2015

DIY: Valentine's Day Wreath

I have a super easy Valentine's DIY project for you today.

1 - Gather your supplies.
You will need tulle in colors desired, a foam wreath, some sort of festive garland and of course scissors.

2- Cut your tulle.
Cut a large pile of tulle. I cut mine in 12" strips.

3- Tie tulle around wreath.
I just tied the tulle around the wreath in simple double knots and kept the "poof" to the outside. Continue until entire wreath is covered.

4- Add your garland.
You will notice the garland I added is different than one in supply photo because unfortunately the original garland I got wouldn't lay right so I thought this was a cute substitute. I simply tucked the garland under the tulle tied around the wreath on the back side. And most craft stores have an array of festive garlands for you to choose.

5- Tie loop for hanging.
I took a longer piece of tulle and simply tied it at top leaving a big loop for hanging. And voila! You are finished.

This project can be replicated for any holiday with some color changes. Hope you enjoy! xoxo

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I am trying to stay strong. I am trying to get on with my day to day but it is as difficult as you would imagine to try and move on with life. I suppose I should be easy on myself considering it hasn't even been a month since we found my mother dead but I want to be able to move on and am having a hard time.

One of my biggest obstacles right now is trying to stay focused on tasks and it is a daily, moment to moment struggle. I feel like I have a million half finished projects and it is really hard for me to complete anything. Something that should take me a few hours is taking me a few days because no matter how hard I try my brain is all over the place making it next to impossible to stay on one particular task for too long.

Sometimes my thoughts wander to the fact that my young, healthy mother is gone in the blink of an eye and how she won't be around for holidays anymore or how she won't see Olivia or my nephews grow up. Her grandchildren were her world and it would have broken her heart if she knew she would never seen them grow up. Then I think of that horrible morning. I can't help but truly hope her death was instantaneous and that she wasn't lying on the floor knowing she was dying. That is the one thing I fear the most and cannot stop thinking about. Those thoughts haunt me and probably will for a very long time.

Besides losing my mom, my husband, daughter and I needed to pick up and move in with my dad. My mom was his 24 hour a day caregiver after his multiple strokes and I needed to come and fill that roll. We didn't want to change too much on my dad so we don't even have a bed in the house yet and are all living out of suitcases. I feel like I don't even have a home. Because we needed to jump right in and fulfill this role I feel I had no proper time to mourn, I needed to immediately figure out all my dad's medical and day to day needs and get right to it.

So I suppose it is normal between the mourning of my mom and my move and complete lifestyle change that my brain is a bit fogged although, I wish it would clear soon. I have a feeling I will be dealing with this for a while, though. Everyone keeps telling me to slow down and just take care of my daughter and my dad and not worry about anything at least for the time being but I am self employed. I work from home and the second I slack I can feel it. I am a hustler and my clouded brain is making it hard for me to be the mover and shaker I normally am.

I think I am going to try just setting one attainable goal each day to not get myself overwhelmed but to also help me finish projects. I think I have too many things I want to accomplish I just keep bouncing from task to task but in reality I am not really accomplishing anything. I need to start small until I build up my mental strength again. I just hope that slowly I can become the girl I once was.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Man Buns And A Giveaway

So last night I was enlightened, apparently man buns are a thing. Men are wearing buns. Huh?! That's what I thought until I saw a few celebrities rocking this new look.  Check these hotties out and let me know what you think.

Now although the men above still look damn sexy I saw a few celebrities rocking the look and couldn't help but think "yuck." I guess it depends on the individual. Here are some of the man bun bloopers in my opinion.

Thoughts?! Are you a fan of the man bun? And before you continue your day take a minute to enter this giveaway for a $100 giftcard to Nordstrom!! I am super excited to be teamed up with Meagan from Because of Jackie and friends to bring you this great opportunity. Good luck!! xoxo

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Are You Blogging For The Masses?

I had a thought many months ago while trying to come up with some post ideas, who am I blogging for? I had felt that at that point most of my posts wouldn't really interest any of my non-blogging friends. (Kind of like this post.) That many of my posts had to do with blogging tips or blogging issues and the only audience for those types of posts are other bloggers.

I also found that there were several bloggers that I had followed at that time that were only writing about the dos and donts of blogging and I wondered if it was their intention to only appeal to bloggers. If it is there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I wanted more because even as a blogger I quickly lost interest in the blogs that I felt were always lecturing me about how I should be blogging. I wanted my blog to appeal to everyone, whether you are a blogger or not and if you are a blogger I wanted to keep your interest.

I do realize that most if not all of my loyal followers are in fact bloggers and I love them to pieces but  I want to see my posts trending one day and I think the only way to do that is to make my posts have a broader appeal.  My blog is sometimes "all over the place" but I have been making a big effort to try and write material that will appeal to everyone and by everyone I mean everyone in my demographic of followers not just the bloggers in that demo.

I have found that my most popular posts are indeed the posts that have mass appeal such as my DIY tutorial posts, my photography posts and posts having to do with major events I have participated in such as The Color Run. The other things these posts have in common are very "pinnable" images and all the repins drive more traffic to my blog. Although, I do have to admit that my posts that have to do with blogging tips do get many page views but as I stated earlier that is not the only audience I am blogging for.

I think in it very important to take a step back and really think about who you want your target audience to be and make sure that you are indeed creating content for that audience. It is easy to lose sight of the direction you originally intended for your blog so it is always beneficial to take a moment and think about these things. I always think a little direction is good and establishing who you want to be reading your blog is a great way to do just that.

So who do you blog for? Do you have a specific target audience or do you just blog about whatever you feel like and whoever reads it reads it?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Target Dollar Spot: A Love/Hate Relationship

I have a a bit of a love/hate relationship with the Target dollar spot. I love it because where else can you find totally fabulous, cute little finds for only $1-$3?! But once I get home I may hate it just a little for adding more clutter to my home and although I didn't spend a fortune it was money that could have been saved or used for something more practical. I can never leave Target without throwing at least a few of these items in my cart. And yesterday was no exception. I just needed the following:

1 - Adorable Canvas Valentine Totes 
These are so cute and so practical right? I can use them to help me travel with things just in case the other 50 totes I own aren't available. Well, they do have adorable Valentine prints so I can even potentially use them as gift bags just in case I decided to throw out the closet full of gift bags I already own and reuse.

2 - Mint Polka Dot Accordion Files
Mint is my fave color of the moment and I have an obsession with stationery so it was inevitable that these were coming home with me. I am actually proud of the fact I didn't bring home the third size. The struggle was real. I figured these would really help me get my bills and receipts organized, you know the ones that don't already have a home in the 20 accordion files I already own from Target in many adorable prints.

3 - A Glitter Jar
Yes, a glitter jar. Who doesn't need one in their life?! I love mason jars and glitter so this was like the peanut butter and jelly of the trinket world. I can't even say what I am going to use this for but I had to have it. That's all I have to say about that.

I know I am not the only one obsessed with the dollar spot. What is your favorite dollar spot find??!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Avoiding Mortification

I saw an article trending on Facebook today about a woman making a stand after being a victim of revenge porn, when an ex lover shares naked photos or intimate videos of you online after you break up. I had so many thoughts running through my brain and needed to discuss this a little.

Should you be able to express yourself in whatever manner you choose as long as you aren't hurting another individual? Absolutely but it would extremely naive to think certain actions and "expressions" won't possibly have consequences down the line. You should be able to do whatever you want and share photos with your lover but what if you have a fight and you break up? Can you be 100% certain that that individual won't share these photos? Everyone's answer to that question should be no. You never know what someone is fully capable of in certain situations. But why put yourself in the position to be a victim of this horrific and embarrassing act. These photos and videos will never really disappear and could certainly come back to haunt you.

Please don't misunderstand me and say I am victim blaming. When men and women post people's naked photos and videos without someone's consent they are completely in the wrong and should be prosecuted but by the time that happens the damage is already done. I am just simply saying try to avoid putting yourself in precarious situations. You wouldn't go down a dark alley with a wad of cash in your hand by yourself would you? If you get mugged of course the perpetrator should be arrested but the victim could have made smarter decisions that would have possibly prevented an attack.

All I am saying is that we live in a world where we not only need to protect ourselves from physical attacks but one where we need to protect ourselves from cyber attacks. We all need to use a little common sense when creating content that can be shared without our permission. And if you feel it is absolutely necessary to share intimate photos do it smartly, don't show your face which will make it hard for anyone to say it is you.

What are your thoughts? Do you think people who share naked photos are asking for this to happen?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Not All Bad Etsy Shop Reviews Are Legit

Am I a lover of Etsy?! Heck yes!! Do you I have several Etsy shops? Yes I do!! Because of the fact that I both buy and sell on Etsy I have made a disturbing observation: not all bad Etsy shop reviews are warranted.

I have been blessed with all 99% positive reviews on all transactions in my shops which goes hand in hand with the fact that I take these shops very seriously, they are my primary source of income. I started a new custom frame shop last year and have received a few complaints all of which were unwarranted. Let me explain. I am very clear in my item descriptions that the photo frames I use are wood craft frames with no glass front and no backer. Not only do I state that in each listing and provide photos, I also state that on my front shop page. But I got a few poor reviews stating frame did not have glass or backer.

Read people!!! It's so frustrating. Why are you leaving me a poor review, hurting my sales because you didn't read the item description before purchasing? If you want a frame with glass and a backer, trust me, I completely understand so don't purchase from my shop. If I legitimately did something wrong and deserve the bad review, bring it but when I am upfront about something before you purchase why are you penalizing me for it after you receive. Or private message me after you receive and 'fess up that you didn't read the description and maybe we can work something out but don't automatically put me on blast for your indiscretion.

Being that I take my shops seriously these couple poor reviews made me really upset so I started checking out some other shop reviews. I looked for shops that had a lot of sales and primarily positive feedback and what I found was really really upsetting. Shops could have five stars after five stars and then there is a one star review. I read what the complaint was and again they were complaining about something that was given in the info in the item description. For example, one person wrote "I didn't think it would be that small." But in all these shop's listings the dimensions are given. If the buyer was unsure of the size they should have whipped out a ruler before ordering. Again a lazy buyer is hurting someone's legit business. I found instances like this over and over again.

Don't get me wrong are there poorly run shops with bad products? Yes, of course there are so you do need to be careful when purchasing and look at sales and reviews but please do yourself and the shop owner a favor and read the bad reviews. If a shop has almost all positive reviews and you see just a handful of bad ones, read the reviews. In almost all instances you will find complaints about something that was openly mentioned in item description and in that case the shop was not at fault.

So now I will step down off my soapbox and wish you a wonderful day!! xoxoxo