Thursday, April 24, 2014

Latest Creations & A Nordstrom Giveaway

Good morning!! I am a little in love with the latest jewelry designs to be listed in Hole In Her Stocking Designs so I thought I'd share real quick. I decided to paint some geometric patterns on wooden discs and use them as a base for my newest necklaces, photographed below.

I'm definitely going to have a hard time parting with these as they sell. But if any of you happen to be interested in any of these pendants or anything else in my shop I am offering 25% OFF with code: SPRINGLOVE.

Now for even more exciting news!! I teamed up with some pretty amazing ladies to bring you an opportunity to try and win a $175 gift card to Nordstrom!! Enter below and good luck!! xoxo

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Apparently Easter Candy Is A Parenting Faux Pas

Let me first start by saying I am not claiming to be a health guru nor am I the healthiest person but I know I am a good mom. This post may bring a shit storm down on me but honestly even the greatest people have haters so I am prepared to take that risk.

Every week I take my daughter to a Mommy & Me class. She absolutely loves it. We  look forward to it every week. Yesterday was our first class after Easter. Everyone was chattering about their holiday and I overheard the following conversation going on next to me:

Mom #1: "We went to ______'s house for a big Easter egg hunt. But I was really annoyed because they put candy in some of the eggs."

Mom #2: Sigh of disgust.

Mom #1: "I mean I do not want _________ eating candy. Eggs were full of raisins and stickers only at our house."

Mom #2: "I cannot believe they put candy in the eggs. I mean I let _______ have one M&M but that was it."

Mom #1: Nods in agreement.

Mom #2: "Oh and my in laws got him a basket full of candy. It went straight in garbage."

Mom #1: "Yeah. No way!"

Me: (awkwardly chiming in because they were waiting for me to say something) "I guess I am a bad mom for putting candy in Liv's eggs." And then I laugh.

Mom #1 & Mom #2: Give me a look of disgust and I am pretty sure are calling CPS on me.

Me: Turn and walk away, glad I didn't tell them I let Liv eat a whole bag of M&Ms.

What the fuuuuu*k??!! When did giving your kid candy on Easter become a cardinal sin of parenting. I always remember getting a huge basket of candy every Easter as a kid and so did all my friends. We always joked it was the one day of the year we were allowed to have candy for breakfast.

Do I let Liv binge on chocolate everyday? Of course not!! But she ate candy on Easter, more than she should have but it was a one time holiday thing. And she is allowed to have candy once in a while when it's not a holiday. I don't understand what the big hoopla is. She is slender, athletic, super smart and better behaved than these all natural, organic kids.

I think parents have gotten so uptight over the years. I know obesity is a problem in America and there are bad things in processed foods so I do watch what Liv eats but I let her have a little fun once in a while. I think these kids that are made to be so strict on their diet are going to rebel one day and it's really going to backfire on these parents. They were never allowed to have certain things so they will turn around and over indulge when they are able because they were always told no.

I don't know, maybe I am wrong. So moms I ask you: do you let your children have candy once in a while as a treat or am I going to hell? xoxo

5 Celebrities I Love

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about 5 celebrities I cannot stand. I decided to share some good vibes and share what celebrities I love.

Shakira - I was always a HUGE Shakira fan. Love her music and I always thought she was so naturally pretty and sexy. After she was a judge on The Voice my love for her grew. She seriously seems like the sweetest most down to Earth person, not to mention talented and gorgeous.

Blake Shelton - Can you tell I am a fan of the Voice?! I'll admit that before I started watching The Voice I didn't know very much about Blake. But I quickly became a fan. He was just so goofy and likable how could you not love him?! I would just want to have a BBQ with him and my friends. Without a doubt it would be lots of beers and lots of laughs.

Leslie Mann - She had me at: "Let's get some fuckin' French toast!" She's hilarious, love everything she does and I love the fact that her and Judd Apatow have been married for an eternity, at least in Hollywood terms.

James Franco - Hot and strange and talented. The perfect combo in my eyes. He is a fantastic actor and his social media accounts are a little wacky and definitely entertaining. Not to mention he's got brains. He's going to Yale for his PhD. Mom would love him!

Betty White - She's adorable and she's hilarious, the perfect combination for an honorary grandma! Her family must seriously have the best holiday dinners. Although, the fact that Granny can probably outwit any grandkids may cause some tension but who cares?! It's Betty!!

Well, there you go. These are definitely five of my faves. Who is your fave celebrity??

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Easter Ensemble & Taking On Unconventional Fashion Posts

Hello!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I truly did and I wanted to share what I wore. I always struggle with whether or not to do style posts. I always felt because I am not a size 2 and will not look good in all the latest trends that I really had no business posting "what I wore."

That was until recently. I found a plus size model's blog and was blown away. She was double maybe triple the size of all the other fashion bloggers I read and she looked downright stunning. Her style was amazing and honestly her blog is one of the best I found, period. This prompted me to do a little search for plus size fashion blogs and I found quite a few inspirational blogs out there. All these bloggers were gorgeous, were dressed super trendy and were all at least a size 12.

This really struck a cord with me. I used to be that size 2 girl with all the super cute clothing but I am not 25 anymore and life kind of happened. I have been in such a fashion rut because I was used to being thin and  wasn't going to buy any trendy clothing looking "like this." I would dress nice again once I lost the weight. Problem is it's been almost 2 years and I am getting sick of wearing yoga pants and tshirts. These women showed me I can look amazing at my size. They are super inspiring.

Do I still hope to lose some weight? Yes!! But I am also realizing I will never be a size 2 again. I just want to be a healthier, more fit version of me. If that means a size 12, so be it. I am also going to start making regular style posts to show women you can rock cool clothing at any size!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beauty Lovers Giveaway!

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Happy Friday!! Myself and some beautiful ladies have teamed up to bring you the ultimate beauty lovers giveaway. How would you like to win the Michael Kors cosmetic bag shown above and a $40 giftcard to Sephora to help you fill it?! Pretty fabulous, huh?! All you have to do is enter below. Good luck!! xoxo

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Domestic Fail: My Daughter Is A Better Cook Than Me

She's only two and only pretend cooks but she has already surpassed my cooking skills. Her pretend meals sound quite delicious and she talks about mixing, using the oven and frying like a pro. She certainly didn't get this insight from me, the girl who didn't even know how to boil water until she was like 25. I have moved on from making sandwiches and microwaving a mean TV dinner to making pasta (to be paired with jar sauce of course), making grilled cheese and I can actually make chicken cutlets. I am proud of that last one. I have slowly but surely started learning to cook more at the pace of like one new specialty a year but hey Rome wasn't built in a day. Thank goodness my hubby is good at cooking and it looks like Liv is following in his footsteps. Looks like we won't starve. xoxo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Meet Allison of Because I Said So

Hi!! Happy hump day! I've really been enjoying the fact that the super adorable Allison of Because I Said So has been hanging out on my sidebar this month. I am enjoying getting to know her and still learning more. I wanted all you to have an opportunity to get to know her as well so I asked her 10 random questions and here are her answers. 

 1 - Describe yourself in 5 words.
 Classy, sometimes sassy and goal-oriented

 2 - Describe your typical day.
 Typical day. Ok. I get up around 7:30, turn on the today show. It's really the only time I watch the news. I shower, get dressed and ready for work, and most of the time write a last minute blog post. Sometimes I eat breakfast (although lately breakfast is just ibuprofen #bracesprobs) and then walk Laney. Work 9-5 pm consists of answering calls, social media upkeep, and selling the event space. I follow up on leads, send out proposals, and honestly it really changes day to day. Bridal shows, network events, outside sales calls could pop up. Which to me is the fun part--I hate being cooped up inside at a desk. After work, I come home and play with Laney, eat dinner, watch tv with the boyfriend when he gets home from work. Clean maybe? Gym maybe? Bath and bed. I'm so boring---this made me realize that I should add something more interesting to my daily routine.

 3 - Why do you blog?
 Blogging, for me, is like a journal. That people read and can comment with their advice on the particular subject. I blog for a creative outlet and really to learn about myself and others.

 4 - What is your dream job?
 My dream job is to not have to work, but want to work. Maybe something with animals or for a fabulous boutique doing their social media and blogging. Idk lol

 5 - Deserted island. What are the three things that you would need to bring?
Joshua--because he's handy and I would die on my own.     A book--because it'll get boring.                                             Fresh water--because duh.

 6 - Give us three of your guilty pleasures.
 Disney movies, amaretto sours, and Cadbury cream eggs!

 7 - What is your most embarrassing moment?
 My most embarrassing moment hmm I'm so bad at these. I mean my whole life is sometimes an embarrassing moment sooo...

 8 - What is your greatest accomplishment?
 Greatest accomplishment so far is probably graduating college and living on my own. Getting out of my parents house was an accomplishment all on its own--I'm officially a big girl.

 9 - In store shopping or online shopping?>
 Store! I love the attention and help from chatty sales girls!

 10 - Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 In five years oh geez I'll be almost 28--holy moly. Umm hopefully I'll be married and have traveled to Europe. I'll have a house with a yard or a fabulous loft condo--that J will let me decorate.

Isn't she great?! Now make sure you head on over to her blog and show her some good lovin'. Now if you would like to hangout on my sidebar as well, you are in luck. I am currently offering 25% OFF all sponsorship options with code: SPRINGLOVE. And one lucky winner who comments on this post will get a free blog friend ad. Winner will be announced tomorrow. Have a good day! xoxo